What Is Sapphire FUE

Technology is rapidly evolving daily. This, in turn, has paved the way for the development of new, innovative hair transplant techniques as well as hair loss treatments. Hair transplantation surgeries have evolved dramatically and currently it has been transformed into a procedure performed with minimally invasive methods in parallel with the innovations in the instruments used. The FUE method is known as today’s most advanced hair transplantation technique that ensures natural-looking results. Currently, with the utilization of sapphire-tipped special devices, even higher success rates are obtained with the FUE hair transplant technique.

Sapphire FUE Vs. Classic FUE

The difference between Sapphire FUE and Classic FUE regarding the opening of micro-channels.

FUE, which is conducted by using blades made from a precious gemstone called sapphire, is defined as the utilization of special sapphire blades instead of steel blades during the process of creating incisions within the recipient site.
FUE performed with sapphire blades is not a technique, it is an innovation implementing a new process within the FUE method.
The blades are designed to minimize scab formation and speed up the recovery process through opening smaller micro channels within the recipient site for transplantation.
In FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) conducted with sapphire blades, after the patient is administered local anesthesia, hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area with the aid of a micro motor and micro punches in sizes of 0,6 – 0,7 – 0,8 diameters.
With the FUE method, the extracted hair follicles should be transplanted into the incisions that have been created.
These channels have a major influence on the density, angle and direction of hair growth, which are the determinants of obtaining a natural appearance.
For this reason, opening of the channels is considered to be the most important process for a successful operation.
The best possible way to open micro channels can now be achieved through the sapphire blades.
Hair follicles will be transplanted into these channels.
The small incisions, which are at the same length of hair follicles, are created using sharp, smooth and durable sapphire blades varying in sizes of 1,0 -1,3 – 1,5 mm. As a result more channels can be opened, enabling the hair follicles to be transplanted more closer to each other.

Sapphire Advantages

  • Virtually invisible scars
  • Minimal pain after your procedure
  • Less downtime
  • Ensures a natural-looking hairline
  • Less risk of complications

Are you a Suitable Patient for the Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant?

Patients like to know on forehand if they are a suited to undergo the hair transplantation via Sapphire FUE. The ultimate decision of the technique to be applied in each particular case, is made during a consult by the attending doctor. Only after examination of the patient, the doctor can conclusively decide if the patient is suited for hair transplantation via the Sapphire FUE technique. However, we have listed some general guidelines to help form an idea about suitability for the sapphire FUE technique below:

  • The types of hair loss that can be treated via the sapphire FUE hair transplantation technique are:hair loss due to trauma or burning, androgynous type of hair loss and traction alopecia.
  • The donor-hair for implantation via the Sapphire FUE technique is extracted from other parts of the patient’s body. It is therefore fundamental that the donor area has a certain density of hair growth. If this required density is not found on the scalp just above the neck; grafts are extracted from the beard, and if this is insufficient chest hair can be used.
  • Patients aged 18 and up can undergo hair transplantation via sapphire FUE.
  • This technique can be applied to patients who have relatively minor hair loss, as well as on patients who have lost a big part of their existing hair.

Recovery After Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation

Another important issue for future patients is what to expect after the surgery. The main aspects that patients wonder about are ‘how long after surgery will my hair start to grow’ and naturally ‘what do I have to take care of after this surgery’.
First important thing patients need to be aware of, is that a short while after the sapphire FUE hair transplant, they will observe sudden hair loss. This is an absolutely normal and expected situation. Patients observing this condition should not panic. Bear in mind, hair transplantation is a process and it will take the implanted follicles a little while to adjust. Within 6 months after the sudden hair loss, new hairs will start to grow. Approximately 1 year after hair transplantation with Sapphire FUE, your hair will have reached its natural form. To bring this process to a successful ending partly depends on the patient’s own conduct. There are a few precautions that can be taken to enable the best possible result. The patient’s hygiene routine, his/her psychologic condition, and even external factors such as the climate in which the patient lives all have an influence. The attending doctor will provide you with all details to take care of after surgery. All the patient must do is follow up the doctor’s instructions. It is very important to keep in mind that the conditions of the first year after surgery have a big influence on the success rate of the hair transplantation. 

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